Raffles Golf Bali Orgins

Raffles Golf Bali was formed in July 2009

History:  Stephen Banks the Opening General Manager of New Kuta Golf got a group of guys together and started a Saturday afternoon competition in order to sell membership of this prestigious golf course.

At this stage, it was not a formal club but a gathering of guys getting together to enjoy some golf and amber fluid refreshments at the end of the rounds (whilst some was consumed during the round as well)

At the end of the days round on the first day, Stephen presented the winner will a small prize (worth about Rp 20,000) - a pair of penis-shaped bottle openers.  The deal was in those days the winner had to bring next weeks prize.  As Putu Mahendra won the competition he spent some researching for the following competition prizes and brought along a pair of ducks (no not the feathered kind but good quality ceramic ones), Thereby setting the standard a lot higher for the next person.  Putu only buys good looking stuff (ROTFL).  this went for a most of the year competitions until they decided they were having a lot of fun and it was becoming to expensive to win.

As result of the Penis Bottle openers and the Ducks John Sampson, Tony Smith, Jon Dean, Risto Poskiparta moved to set up a slightly more organized event and sold memberships in those days worth about 200.000.  There were no official bearers at the time.  Along Came Mark Watson and together with Jon Dean and Roland Oneill a set ByLaws were established.

  • July 2009 - Jun 2010 - 135 new members Joined
  • July 2010 - Jun 2011 - 182 new members Joined 
  • July 2011 - Jun 2012 - 269 new members Joined 
  • July 2012 - Jun 2013 - 212 new members Joined 
  • July 2013 - Jun 2014 - 136 new members Joined 
  • July 2014 - Jun 2015 - 182 new members Joined 
  • July 2015 - Jun 2016 - 123 new members Joined 
  • July 2016 - Jun 2017 - 122 new members Joined 
  • July 2017 - to date      -   26   new members joined

To date we have 1300 Members who have joined and of these 712 active/financial members.

It became obvious that in the early years a number of people were taking advantage of the cheap AUD$30 joining fee for cheap golf in Bali and putting anything back into the club.  Peter Manz (then Chairman) and Andy James (then Treasurer many of the administration of the club was done manually and becoming a real handful to manage & keep accurate records. It was decided that the membership fee should increase for then AUD$50 to AUD$150 but keep the renewal fee at AUD$10, so as to attract those who would return to Bali for great golf and be a real asset to the club.

After much research for off the shelf type items to manage golf clubs and looking at the yearly expenses for maintaining By July 2012 the then Chairman in concert with Melina Caruso developed a complete system Data Base in place to handle the following functions

  • Membership renewals
  • handicapping in accordance with USGA Handicapping policy
  • Manage Membership Database 
  • send out emails to members individually thereby protecting privacy
  • Send out a newsletter to the members
  • Send information to members on important events and happenings
  • Allow for adjustments to course ratings and playing from different tees
  • send emails to select organizations

Over the years it has taken the development through various phases where the database can

  • Take payments for the Golf Week
  • Payments for renewals and joining
  • has a complete schedule published for the year
  • allows player registration for individual events
  • manage registrations for all events in the club championships
  • send emails to only those registered in an event
  • And will shortly have a system that will able to handle electronic scoring
  • Online game schedule
  • Online registration and cancellation
  • Tournament registration and payment.

In September of 2016 through the hard work by the Chairman Robert Nelson, Club Captain Peter Manz and Treasurer Mark Dyson, Raffles moved further ahead by replacing the now inadequate ByLaws with a New Constitution that meets the requirements allowing Raffles Golf Bali to be incorporated in Australia.